November 14, 2022. This marks one of the greatest milestones of Laptop Factory. With 13 branches nationwide, it has just leveled up its game against the current market leaders by constructing TWO big showrooms right inside the vicinity of Gilmore.

The Two Showrooms

The two showrooms are strategically located at 717 P&S Building, Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City. Exact location here: Why two? You may ask: It’s because Laptop Factory wants to house one of the biggest selections of model units for the customers to choose from. Laptop Factory now houses over 100 different model units that can surpass the shopping experience of a typical flagship store.

Also, compared to the crowded parking spaces Gilmore, Laptop Factory has 6 dedicated parking slots for clients, and if the parking is full, clients can park at Robinsons Magnolia which is just right across the street.

Low Prices, Premium Customer Service

Low prices has always been one of the taglines of Laptop Factory, because tech gadgets don’t have to be expensive. Laptop Factory offers entry level up to high end models at lower than mall prices. To emphasize, Laptop Factory’s clients can avail of lower than mall prices and receive the same or better after sales services.

Along with the opening of the showrooms, Laptop Factory always aims to provide a pleasant experience for its clients. The showroom is simply one of Laptop Factory’s ways to welcome its clients, followed with highly trained sales personnel to accommodate concerns, as well as expert laptop technicians, customer service, and delivery personnel for support services. Laptop Factory aims to have a long term relationship with its clients, and with this comes its commitment to deliver quality customer service.

Branches & Delivery Services

Now, you don’t have to go to the Laptop Factory Main Branch to get to see the available units. Any unit sold in the main branch can be availed for delivery or picked up at any Laptop Factory branch.

For deliveries, simply book your orders via our website here: Ordering via our website gives you the advantage of convenience coupled with the safety and quality of service. Laptop Factory maintains its own delivery fleet and personnel to ensure the quality of service and safety of items. For locations outside the reach of its own fleet, LBC is the sole delivery courier as it is a tried and tested delivery service provider that upholds high quality standards.

If you want to visit our branches or affiliate stores, you can see their locations below:

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