Seven (7)-day replacement policy coverage
  • Units with factory defects returned to the store within seven (7) calendar days upon purchase with receipt and complete package bought – pristine
    condition of the actual physical unit, charger and box, shall be replaced with the same brand, model, color and specs of the said unit.
  • NO RECEIPT, NO EXCHANGE. Sales returns are allowed only where the product was purchased. ORIGINAL receipt is needed to process any sales
    return transactions.
Standard seven (7) Days Replacement warranty for all Brand new products of Laptop Factory Warranty will NOT cover the following:
  • Software / Operating System or OS (No Warranty)
  • Cosmetic imperfections that does not affect unit’s functions – client should check this before purchase.
  • Misused products due to poor care, improper assembly, thereby causing physical damage, deep scratches, and etc.
  • Products where the model number and/or serial number has been removed, altered or obliterated from the product.
  • Recovery of corrupted HDD media other than to original factory state.
  • Damage to or loss of any programs, data or removable storage media. The customer is responsible for saving (backing up) any programs,
    data or removable storage media – especially before allowing or sending for service.
  • Damaged LCD panels, LCD bezel, LCD cover, the chassis (which includes the uppercase and lowercase), cables, connectors, key tops due to excessive force being applied to – including but not limited to drops and/or spills accidental or otherwise and also due to extreme
  • Damaged item during transit and/or natural disaster or acts of God, e.g. fire, flood, lightning.
  • Defects, issues, and/or damages arising from usage of:
    • Unauthorized or poor quality DVDs/CDs;
    • Pirated or Cracked Softwares/Games;
    • Incompatible Softwares/Games;
    • Computer Virus and/or Malware; or
    • Defects and/or damage caused by the use of Third-Party optional products or consumables in conjunction with the product.
    • Any alteration, modification and/or repair, either Software or Hardware, not authorized by Laptop Factory (LF).
      Note/s: Change of mind is NOT a basis for unit replacement. The company reserves the right to decline any returns when conditions are not met subject to our authorized LF personnel’s checking. Should the same model and specs be no longer available, client has the liberty to choose another unit from LF’s current catalogue as replacement – if higher in value, price difference will be charged and if lower in value, cash refund will be made
Where and how to claim manufacturer’s warranty
  • The standard manufacturer’s warranty ranges from 1 to 3 years. The warranty duration will be indicated in your receipt and/or hardcopy of your warranty slip.
  • Please bring the complete package with receipt together with its original accessories to the nearest authorized service center depending brand – you may check this through the brand’s website.
  • Details about what is included in the manufacturer’s warranty will also depend on your unit and brand coverage – you may inquire this directly to
    your brand.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Timeline (if brought directly to the Service Center): Timeline will be dependent on the timeline required by the brand
    service center to repair and check the unit
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Timeline (if brought directly to any LF Branches): Minimum of one (1) month in line for transporting the item to and from
    the Main Office and schedule availability of technicians and/or messenger to bring the unit to the service center – this does not include timeline
    needed for the brand service center to repair or check the unit.
  • If a Service Center or a Laptop Factory is not accessible, you may coordinate with us to ship the item via LBC and/or other couriers by calling us at (02) 635-42-12 – shipping fee to and from LF’s main office will be shouldered by the client. Also, LF will not be liable for any damage incurred during shipping. Please include Proof of Purchase (Sales Invoice and Warranty Slip) in the parcel.